While I remember
How can people remember things, if they don’t make movies or take photographs?

New things

An update crafted by the editor

I’ve been tweaking the AMP version of this site. And there’s an option to add an icon/shortcut to your phone’s Home screen. Is that vanity? I’ve added a page for my News From Home videos.

Bungendore Early Years

Another Bungendore  Photobook

This is a collection of Bungendore Early Years images from various cameras and using some AI to enlarge and enhance. We moved there in 1996, the cameras were upgraded as I was more serious about ‘documenting’.

Finding Doctor Woods Exhibition

Albury  Library Museum let the Doctor loose!

A look at the opening night of the exhibition, and some of the display.

Introduction to my archive  -8mm sections

Starting with the Super 8 sections, this is to explain why I think, as an aging man, this images archive is worth saving. I’m expecting this to change as I get to my later videos, and again as I get to digital, but let’s start here. Why do I archive?
It’s to put off as long as I can, that time just as an anxious Seamus Heaney was, when
‘the memorable bottoms out, Into the irretrievable.’

Frames from Dr Woods movies enhanced  

Some processed and retouched

I’m working on the Standard 8mm 4k scans from Sam Woods collection. These three photographs show an original 4IK frame-capture jpeg, one with a Topaz AI enhanced Face and to me, a more acceptable compromise as a blend done in Photoshop. Click on each to see on black background, use back button to return. Watch […]

Map series 1.  Video and text

Factory Lane

I’m making a series of short films based on the geological map of the Murray River area where I grew up. This is the first about the lane that lead from our house to the Butter Factory

Eyes still blue.

Dr Woods  & the  "Pyjama Girl" case

Dr Woods conducted the post-mortem to this murder that had all the salacious ingredients to keep the story in the tabloids for a year.

The Dr. Woods Collection

Low Res (mostly) transfers of the films of Dr L.S.Woods

All the 8mm transfers, on one page.

News from Home

short diary messages to friends

Instead of waiting for the folders on my archive hard drives to fill up before editing, I’ve been making these short films while I still remember what I wanted to say. Don’t fret about them.


An ongoing collection

A collection of quotes from my reading that say something about memory that resonate and I probably won’t remember.

House with a secret

and other school yard stories

This film was made for a competition, I think run by Melbourne’s The Age, or maybe it was just that their film reviewer Colin Bennett was the judge. It was never finished in time for the competition, and then became a document of a Corryong High School Open Day.

This is Corryong

and this is my first documentary

I worked at a local chemist camera counter to pay off my first standard 8 camera. They offered me the job when I asked about the price of one in the window. My parents gave me a first roll of Kodachrome and I started this film.

James Baldwin and Richard Avendon

Being Black and Black and White

I was reminded of Avendon and Baldwin by a Monoskop reference to the book ‘Nothing Personal’. I had this paperback copy because, well, at the time (late sixties) to be up with pop-culture, you had to.

Charon and The Psychopomps

not a pop group - a modern myth.

I probably first heard of Charon from Robert Graves “Greek Myths” but ‘paying the ferryman’ is, at least in my generation, a common term.  In the back of it all is the love story of stupid Cupid and the silly, mortal Psyche. I made a video.

Santa Claus, flying reindeer and other stories

Feeling lucky? Four leaf clovers, leprechauns, horseshoes and Fly Agaric.

After a hippie era testing of ‘magic’ psylocibe< mushrooms when I was violently ill, (trippy but ill), I'll pass on testing the fly agaric's hallucinogenic qualities.

Transferring standard 8mm to video

16x9, 4x3 and overscan

A 4×3 scan (from my cheap scanner) sitting in 16×9 widescreen tv frame. The black ‘sidebars’ and top and bottom black detract in a standard TV screen presentation – 1920 x 1080 – but are true to the original. This is barely a HD quality scan. A 4K scan, transferred ‘Overscan’ with the top and […]

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